Friday 2 June 2017

Dandruff Myths Busted

Dandruff is a common problem that affects one out of every 5 people in the world. Being a common problem, it has a lot of misconceptions about it floating around. It would only add to the confusion if you believe all of it. Here are few major myths that you must get cleared if you have dandruff.
Dandruff is caused by a dry scalp
Dry scalp is often a problem that accompanies dandruff, and that is why people consider it to be a cause. Note that dandruff and a dry scalp are two different things.
A dry scalp is caused due to lack of natural moisture content on the scalp. Your scalp in such cases becomes dry and tight.
However, dandruff has multiple causes and not just one. The most common cause is the build-up of a yeast-like fungus called Malassezia. It tends to grow on oily areas. Malassezia produces irritants that feed off the excess oil and make the skin cells shed faster. This results in itching and dandruff flakes.
Dandruff causes hair fall
Dandruff can passively cause hair fall, not directly. A person having dandruff repetitively scratches his or her scalp due to the itch. This usually leads to breakage of hair follicles followed by hair fall.
Dandruff is contagious
Dandruff does not pass on from one person to other. People often avoid sharing combs for this reason. It is a healthy practice to keep your personal care items private, though dandruff doesn’t pass on from a comb.
Regular shampoos can remove dandruff
Dandruff as mentioned, is a fungal growth, it is not just flakes of skin that can be washed away. So, a normal shampoo might seem to wash off the dandruff flakes but it doesn’t really solve the problem. You need an anti-dandruff shampoo to clear of Malassezia
Normal shampoos might help to reduce the appearance of flakes, but they won't get rid of the excess fungus that causes dandruff.

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