Wednesday 10 May 2017

5 anti-aging tips for your skin

Your lifestyle plays an important role when it comes to aging. You might have come across people your age who look younger than you. How does that happen? Read on to know more.
Skin aging is a complicated process. As you age, your skin starts losing fat. That’s something that’s beyond your control. However, because of unhealthy lifestyles and environmental imbalances, premature aging has become common. The following anti-aging tips can help prevent premature aging:
Eat a balanced and healthy diet
It’s important to eat a nutritious diet. Your skin reflects your inner health. Take Omega-3-fatty acid supplements and drink water. Also have a nutritious diet filled with fruits and vegetables.
Cut down sun exposure
Dermatologists believe that sun exposure tops the list of skin aging factors. UV radiation damages the elastin, and this leads to loss of collagen. Due to this, skin loses its elastic and supple nature and becomes droopy. This also leads to the appearance of wrinkles.
Retinoid for repair
In spite of having a plethora of cosmetics and pharmaceutical medicines available in the market, the best bet for anti-aging is retinoid. These are a vitamin A derivative compounds that boosts your collagen production and cell turnover. Additionally, it unclogs pores and stimulates blood vessels in targeted areas. Retinoids benefit your skin by reducing oil, acne, and also keep your skin soft and supple.
Morning and night routine
Cleanse and moisturise your skin every morning and night. This simple routine goes a long way in keeping your skin looking young for years.
Choose the right products
There are tonnes of creams and procedures available. Kaya Skin Clinic’s safe and effective products like Super Orange Bloom, White Resilience, and Youth Excellence are one of the best choices. With quality ingredients formulated by expert dermatologists, your skin will feel rejuvenated and renewed. Find out more about their products and customer satisfaction from Kaya products review.

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