Monday 8 February 2016

The Misconception That Laser Hair Removal Affects Moles

Are you afraid of undergoing laser hair removal treatment because you think that it will cause damage to your beauty spots? There have been cases when this has happened, but it isn’t true for moles of all kinds. Read on find out which type of mole gets affected and which doesn’t.

The laser beam during a hair removal session penetrates your skin and works on the level of the root bulbs of your hair follicles. So, it is quite natural for the laser to pass through anything that might be on the top layer of your skin, like moles and blemishes. But does it damage them as it passes through?

Flat Moles Are Safe

Moles and freckles that do not protrude from the surface of your skin will be left unscathed by the passing laser. These type of lesions are only an innocuous result of a high concentration of melanin in your body. This substance is produced by cells called melanocytes that are responsible for your natural pigmentation.

Large Moles Could Be Affected

Large moles are usually the result of some underlying skin problem. Though, in some cases, their presence on your skin is only dormant and safe, laser can trigger a negative reaction, possibly leading to a nasty breakout. It is important to determine the root issue of these types of moles before you commit to a laser treatment. A carelessly administered procedure can cause inflammation, oozing, scabs, and other painful symptoms. In some minor cases, however, it is enough to apply a steroid antibiotic cream over the affected mole and letting it heal in just a few days.

When you sign up for a laser treatment for hair removal, make sure to read reviews that tell you whether the clinic uses safety measures. For example, if you book an appointment at Kaya, read some Kaya laser treatment reviews to learn about a personal experience.

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