Monday 1 February 2016

Is Laser Hair Removal Safe for Genital Area?

Laser hair removal has gained popularity over the last decade among both men and women. While it is safe on most parts of the body, you may still wonder whether it is safe on genital areas. Read this article to find out the effect of laser on bikini line.
Laser hair removal treatment uses laser beams to target hair follicles and destroy them. The procedure has been quite popular among consumers all over the world as it saves them from monthly visits to beauty salon. Laser hair removal is also becoming the popular choice for removing hair from bikini line. Although laser hair removal treatment has been declared safe by dermatologists, many people are still skeptical about getting it done on their genital areas. If you are one among them, you should read this article which talks about the safety of laser hair removal treatment.

How Laser Hair Removal Works On Genital Areas
Laser hair removal treatment works best on dark hair and light skin. However, some lasers have been designed to treat different skin and hair types. According to dermatologists, laser hair removal is safe for genital area. Since the hair on that area tend to be curly, it can be difficult to remove them by shaving. Curly hair also have the tendency to become ingrown hair. Therefore, laser hair removal treatment becomes a better option than shaving or waxing. The treatment is painless and doesn’t have any side effect.

What You Should Remember Before Going for The Treatment
Since genital area is more sensitive than the other parts of your body, you should always choose the right clinic for getting a laser hair removal treatment. Choosing the right clinic for this purpose is very important. If you have been searching for good clinics, you may like have a look at Kaya laser hair removal reviews to know about the safety of their procedure. Always ensure that the treatment is carried out by a certified dermatologist. Enquire about the do’s and don’t’s from the dermatologist before going for the treatment.

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    This procedure is minimally invasive and no severe side effects and downtime are associated with it. However, it may cause some temporary side effects like slight swelling, burning sensation and redness, which resolve quickly. The treated hair take about two weeks to fall out.
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