Monday 18 March 2019

Hair Transplant: What Can One Expect

If you are planning to undergo hair transplant, it is important to know its pros and cons, so that you can prepare for the procedure beforehand. Hair regrowth by hair transplant doesn't simply end at the operating table. You need to take certain precautions and learn how to take special care of your transplanted hair. Such knowledge could help you get the best results from your hair transplant.

The hair strand grows from a group of cells called follicles that are found in the skin. When these get damaged, they may lose the ability to grow new strands of hair. If the damage is permanent, the hair that is lost from an area of the scalp and will never be regrown, which leads to permanent balding in that area.

How Can A Hair Transplant Help

A hair transplant will help you regrow hair in areas having permanent hair loss. This is achieved by transplanting healthy hair follicles from one area of the scalp to the balding area. These transplanted follicles will eventually lead to the growth of new hair which restores a receding hairline and covers bald patches.

The Procedure Of Hair Transplant

Follicular Unit Extraction for a hair transplant is a modern method of carrying out hair transplant. For example, Kaya’s Expert Hair Transplant Solution is one such FUE hair transplant method. During the procedure, local anesthesia will be given to scalp to numb the pain. The surgeon uses a precise instrument to directly target the hair follicles and remove them without affecting the surrounding skin. It is minimally invasive and won’t scar your scalp.

From these follicles, the surgeon will prepare grafts for transplantation. These grafts will be inserted into the areas of the scalp having permanent hair loss. Once again, this will be done with anesthesia to remove any feeling of pain.

The whole procedure could take up to six or eight hours. It might also take multiple sessions to complete the transplant depending upon how many follicles have to be collected and transplanted to cover all the bald areas.

Additional Procedures

After transplanting the hair follicles, the experts at Kaya Clinic will inject the scalp with Protein Rich Plasma. This will be collected from the patient’s own blood. The Platelet Rich Plasma will nourish the transplanted follicles which helps them to take a hold of the skin and grow faster.

Before The Procedure

Before the procedure, you will be asked to avoid anti-inflammatory drugs. This is because they will thin the blood and increase the risk of bleeding after the procedure. You should also keep the scalp clean, especially in areas where the hair is going to be transplanted. You will also be asked to stop drinking alcohol and avoid smoking for a few days before the transplant.

After The Transplant

The doctor will prescribe certain painkillers to remove any feeling of pain that you may experience. You should also avoid strenuous physical activities, as it could harm the follicles. You can return to your daily routine after 2-5 days after the transplant. You should keep your head covered when you head outdoors because the transplanted follicles are sensitive to sunlight. You will also be advised to avoid alcohol and cigarettes for a while after the transplant.

Do not wash your hair immediately after a hair transplant. Wait for two or three and days and wash it with a mild shampoo. You should avoid showering, and instead pour water over your hair with a mug.

When Can You Expect Results

It will take around 3-5 months for the hair to start growing. After eight or ten months the transplanted follicles will mature and you will experience full growth.

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