Friday 15 February 2019

Dear Men, It’s Time To Bid Your Body Hair Goodbye

Men love to have facial hair - beard and mustache, it makes them look manly. But what about hair removal for men on other parts of the body? Razors and shaving creams may not be a long term solution when it comes to removing hair from other parts of the body. Laser hair removal might be your best option!

Hair Removal? Easy-Peasy!

You may have tried waxing and shaving but these are only temporary solutions for hair removal. Laser hair removal treatment is a long-term solution to all those unwanted hair on your body. Talk to an expert to know if laser hair removal treatment is the best option for you. At Kaya, you can consult with an in-house dermatologist to understand what treatment is best suited for your skin.

Everybody wants to look presentable and get rid of undesirable hair, be it women or men. This might especially be difficult for men because they tend to have coarser hair than women. Kaya’s Laser Hair Removal Treatment might just be the best option for you!

Laser Technology For Removing Unwanted Hair

Laser hair removal is an effective and long-lasting method. In this process, the hair follicle is destroyed using a laser light which delays the hair regrowth for a long time. Using a laser on the unwanted hair on your face, legs, and arms give long-lasting results compared to other methods, and that’s why a lot of women opt for laser hair removal. It’s easy, It’s quick, and it’s pain-free! What more do you need?

For men, a laser is usually used for body hair rather than facial hair. Hair removal for men is usually done on the chest, back, legs, and arms. Shaving and trimming can be time-consuming. These days, men who maintain a beard use laser technology to shape their beards permanently. Laser eliminates the need to trim your beards and mustaches on a regular basis.

Kaya Hair Free Gentle Touch

A lot of laser treatments available are suitable for people with fair skin and dark hair. But Kaya’s Laser Hair Removal Treatment using the US FDA approved ND-Yag Laser technique, is safe even for dark or tanned skin. The laser targets the darker hair pigment and avoids causing damage to the skin surrounding the hair.
If you want to get rid of excessive hair on your body, book an appointment at your nearest Kaya Clinic. A dermatologist will examine your skin and hair type to customize a laser hair removal plan for you.
Your laser hair removal treatment at Kaya will be done by a certified and trained technician. This technician will apply a numbing cream and a cooling gel while using the laser. A small area will be treated first to check for skin reactions. After which, a trained professional would determine what settings the laser would provide effective hair removal for you.
Then the cooling gel will be applied over the area being treated for the actual hair removal before using the ND-Yag laser. The beam penetrates through the skin and targets the hair follicles. Once the hair follicles are destroyed, it takes a very long time for the body to replace them with new ones. This way, you can stay hair-free for a longer time! Done by experts, this technique is sure to give you desired results.

Get freedom from the pain of frequent waxing sessions or the cuts from using a razor! Opt for the laser hair removal treatment at Kaya and achieve close to permanent hair removal after the full treatment. Flaunt a hair-free skin all the time, every time! 

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