Monday 14 January 2019

Here’s A Mask That’s Worth Wearing- Beauty Facial Masks from Kaya

Beauty is skin deep, they say. Yes, it is. Which is why your skin needs to be treated and cared for from within. Surface treatments and topical applications don’t do enough justice. This New Year let’s see what’s new in the store that can really make your skin better and actually feels great.
What’s the fanciest treatment you’ve given your skin? Bleaching, face pack, mud pack, anti-aging serums...There’re many things you can do to your skin to make it healthy and radiant.
Recently, there’s one easy and pocket-friendly way to pamper your skin that’s becoming popular. Facial Sheet Masks. This is similar to a peel-off mask except that it’s in the form of a sheet that is stuck onto the skin and then peeled off after some time.

The Wonders of Sheet Masks

These sheet masks are designed to suit the shape of the face and are made of thin non-woven fabric/bio-cellulose sheet. They come soaked in essence or serum or gel liquid which contains various nourishing ingredients.   These masks can be used only once and are easy and quick to use and dispose of. Originally from Japan and South Korea, these sheet masks are becoming immensely popular in Asia. Sheet masks take care of your skin problems in more than just one way.  They nourish and moisturize the skin and keep it hydrated. They also improve the elasticity and texture of the skin. The serum or essence the mask comes with is what makes this treatment unique. When applied to the face these masks help in making the skin absorb the goodness of these natural extracts, making the skin healthy.
Kaya Clinic is known for its quality skin care and beauty products. They are free from harmful chemicals, contain natural ingredients and are suited to the needs of every skin type. So when we tell you that Kaya is now bringing out its own range of facial sheet mask, you and your skin have a good reason to be excited.

Kaya Derma Naturals

Kaya Derma Naturals are facial sheet masks which are enriched with natural skin-nourishing ingredients and don’t contain any fragrances, pigments or parabens. These sheet masks are available in 3 variants for different benefits for your skin.
The 5-Herb Instant Oil Control Facial Mask is suited to treat oily skin. This mask is enriched with the goodness of Canadian willow herb and tea tree oil which regulate the excess sebum production in oily skin. It helps to reduce and prevent acne and unclogs the pores. It’s anti-inflammatory properties ensure a soothing effect on the skin, making it healthy and radiant.
The 4-Marine Insta-Revitalizing Facial Mask rejuvenates and revives the skin making it youthful and bright. This mask contains extracts from rich marine botanicals such as red algae, green algae, wakame, and brown algae. These extracts contain Adenosine which has anti-ageing properties and helps reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging of the skin. This mask effectively improves the elasticity and texture of the skin. It boosts the hydration level of the skin and locks in the moisture. The firming and toning properties of this mask are long-lasting
The 5-Flower Insta-Brightening Facial Mask brightens the skin tone and does so by naturally nourishing the skin cells. This mask contains floral extracts from roses, lilies, tiger lilies, honeysuckle, and jasmine. These extracts hydrate and revive dull skin, purifying it and brightening it. The floral extracts contain Niacinamide which helps to soothe and rejuvenate skin that’s tired and fatigued. This mask improves the skin tone from within and keeps the skin firm and youthful.
Kaya’s Derma Naturals facial masks are enriched with serums made of natural extracts. These masks are easy to put on the face. They revitalise and freshen up the skin in under 20 minutes. The extra serum from the mask is meant to be left on the skin for extra nourishment. The best thing about Kaya’s products is that they’re worth your every penny. These facial masks are the most budget-friendly masks in the market. If you want to pamper your skin with minimal effort and make it healthy and radiant, this facial sheet mask will let you do just that.
Kaya has other equally useful skincare products that your skin might really require this winter. The Everyday Cleansing Wipes are made of soft non-woven bio-cellulose fabric and contain the goodness of aloe vera extracts. These wipes cleanse your skin gently and refresh it. It can be used for removing makeup and is mild on the skin.
The Anytime Moisturizing Cream is a lightweight, non-sticky cream enriched with kokum and shea butter that moisturizes your skin and keeps it soft and smooth all day long. It nourishes the skin and keeps it hydrated.
For protecting your skin from the sun, it’s worth trying Kaya’s Daily Use Sunscreen with SPF 30 which shields your skin against the sun’s harmful UV rays. It also lightens the skin tone is free from parabens.
The ultimate body lotion to safeguard your skin from the dry winters is the Intense Hydration Body Lotion. It is enriched with shea and kokum butter and keeps the skin fully moisturised for upto 24 hours. It is quickly absorbed by the skin and provides nourishment to the skin cells, making the skin smooth, soft and healthy. This lotion does not require frequent re-application.

Gift yourself these solutions to skin-deep beauty. Indulge your skin and rejuvenate your senses. Feel refreshed and new when you take off that mask. 

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