Friday 29 July 2016

Flaunt your hairless skin with Kaya's Laser Hair Reduction services

Set hair-removing creams and waxes aside, and say hello to Kaya Laser Hair Reduction Services; an alternative to painful and messy hair removal procedures, designed by leading dermatologists, and carried out by expert therapists.
Hair removal isn’t solely for your legs, arms, and face. There are certain areas of your body overcrowded with hair that needs to go. The only problem is that most procedures are painful or ineffective.
A convenient alternative is Kaya Skin Clinic’s Laser Hair Reduction Services. These services utilize the latest laser technology, and are carried out by professional dermatologists and technicians.
Here’s a look at the kinds of hair reduction services on offer here.

Laser hair reduction of underarms

Kaya Laser Hair Removal Services

Your pain threshold for threading underarm hair is pretty low, like it is for everyone. This might push you to either shave or wax. The problem with waxing is that it encourages further hair growth. Cuts and bruises are quite common too. Moreover, tiny hair gets trapped in the underarms, resulting in the darkening of skin.
Laser hair reduction at Kaya works rather differently. The laser beam penetrates the skin, reaping the hair strands at the follicles. And this happens without any side effects.

Arms, legs, and facial hair

Kaya Skin Clinic employs US-FDA approved Nd-YAG laser technology that targets coarse hair on arms and legs. It wipes your skin clean of all the hair, and also gets beneath it to destroy the follicles. This procedure is implemented by trained beauty therapists with constant guidance from expert dermatologists who oversee how your treatment is executed.
The same laser technology is also used to remove facial hair. You can get a swipe of the beam on your lip, neck, chin, side locks, and earlobes; hair is removed without leaving so much as a single strand behind. 
Body hair reduction
Body hair thrives on three regions: back, chest, and abdomen. Men whose chests are saturated with curls and women with hair around their areola can benefit from the laser technology that completely removes all traces of hair.
Hair growth in the abdominal region and the back can also be effectively removed with Kaya’s Laser Hair Reduction Services. You can read kaya clinic review

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