Monday 1 July 2019

A Guide To Kaya’s PRP Treatment For Treating Hair Loss

Hair loss is one of the major problems that affect both men and women. A receding hairline, premature baldness, hair thinning, etc are just a few of hair loss problems that can seriously affect your confidence. While there are many causes of hair loss, there are also many treatments available but choosing the right treatment often becomes confusing. One of the most effective hair loss treatments is PRP (platelet-rich plasma) treatment by Kaya.

Kaya Clinic has always been at the forefront of providing various hair care services for people, especially treatments for hair loss. One such treatment that is aimed to stimulate hair growth is the Platelet-rich Plasma or PRP treatment. The best part about this treatment is that there is no risk of any type of allergy or infection since it is your blood platelets are being used for the treatment. Kaya has successfully helped a wide range of people get their hair and confidence back with the help of this treatment.

Kaya’s PRP Treatment

PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma which consists of concentrated plasma that has up to five times more platelets than in normal blood. PRP treatment is known to help with wound healing as it consists of various proteins along with IGF, PDGF, TGF, IL, and VEGF. PRP treatment is the best hair loss treatment for women and men because it aids in natural hair growth. Kaya provides PRP treatment for hair rejuvenation and growth. It is a non-surgical procedure that has been found to be safe for use according to the United States of America and Europe. 

The PRP treatment is suitable for people who suffer from frequent hair fall, hair loss, and those with Alopecia Areata. If your hair quality is weak and tends to break really easily then PRP treatment will work wonders for you as well. Most people prefer PRP treatment because there is no risk of an allergy or infection. Your own blood plasma will be used which means it cannot be rejected by your immune system. This is why it is one of the safest procedures that can help your hair grow naturally and much more healthy.

PRP is not a one-time treatment as research has shown that constant treatment at regular intervals ensures better and more natural hair growth. You can expect to see results after six months from the treatment but this varies from person to person since every individual’s hair is different. PRP hair loss treatment does not take long at all, it can take up to a maximum of one and a half hours for the entire procedure and you can get back to your routine tasks once the treatment has completed. The time will depend entirely on the area that needs to be treated.

How PRP Treatment Works

PRP treatment has been approved by the FDA and helps you grow natural and healthy hair. Kaya’s PRP treatment is carried out as follows: The area that needs to be treated is first examined by the expert dermatologists of Kaya to ensure you are eligible for the PRP treatment. The blood collected has blood plasma and platelets. These are then separated from each other using a centrifuge and then concentrated. Since the platelet concentration is of utmost importance, Kaya’s expert dermatologists test the concentrated platelet level. A hematology analyzer is used for this purpose.

Then your scalp is readied for the procedure. Topical anesthesia is applied to the area of your scalp that needs to be treated with PRP and then at skin level, the PRP is injected into your skin. Kaya’s expert dermatologists inject PRP in the area where weaker hair follicles are present so that the PRP can help hair grow properly from the root. When PRP is injected in the area, the blood supply to that particular area is improved which induces hair growth. This helps the stimulation of hair growth in the area where you experienced hair loss.

Kaya hair care for women and men ensures you have healthy and great looking hair after treatment and Kaya’s hair care products also ensure the same. You can contact Kaya’s expert dermatologists to find out whether you are eligible for the PRP treatment. PRP treatment is one of the best solutions for hair loss and you can pair it with other treatments to help induce hair growth and improve hair quality.

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