Tuesday 6 November 2018

Body Hair Removal for Men - Why Is Laser The Best Method?

Guys, we all know that body hair removal can be a tedious process if you use methods like waxing, shaving or trimming. A more permanent solution would be to undertake a laser hair removal treatment. Laser hair removal for body hair is safe and there are many advantages to using this method.

Why Is Laser Hair Removal a Better Option Than Other Methods?

Enquired about Laser treatment for hair removal cost and wondering if it will be worth it?  Well, let us look at the advantages laser hair technology offers in body hair removal for men:


Laser techniques used for hair removal have been approved for safe use on human skin. The laser techniques used at Kaya Clinic like the ND-Yag are approved for use on all skin tones including darker skin.


You may need many laser hair removal sessions based on several factors unique to different individuals, but each laser session is a quick process. Even for full body hair removal, it will take just one to three hours depending on hair density and other factors. You can quickly get back to your normal routine after treatment, taking certain precautions like wearing sunscreen.


Lasers used for hair removal target the darker color of hair shafts growing out of hair follicles deep within your skin. At Kaya Clinic, care is taken to ensure there is no skin damage. The treatment area is shaved so there is no hair growing out of the skin surface. A cooling gel is applied to keep the skin surface cool, only the hair follicles get heated and shrivel up. This is mostly a less painful process than waxing.

Very Effective

Laser hair technology focuses the laser beams on the hair follicles from which hair grows. The heat buildup from the energy of the laser beams shrivels up and destroys the follicles, ensuring hair does not grow back.

Gives Long-Lasting Effects

Permanent laser hair removal/reduction for full body hair can take several sessions because not all of your hair will be in the early growth or Anagen stage. Subsequent sessions target coarser hair that needs more treatment and also newer hair that emerge after the previous session. However, with each session, you will notice a reduction in the density and coarseness of hair. Once the full course is completed, there will be significantly less hair that grows back and most of these will be light and fine and unnoticeable. You may just need top-up treatments each year to keep your body hair in control. This will certainly be more lasting and effective than other hair removal techniques like waxing and shaving.
You should get laser hair removal treatment at a trusted clinic like Kaya. Read some Kaya skin clinic laser hair removal reviews online to learn how effective it has been for other customers who have taken this treatment.
Permanent hair removal takes several sessions and the number of sessions will be decided by the Kaya dermatologist after an examination of your skin, the hair growth density, and other factors. Remember to enquire about Kaya clinic prices for laser hair removal. Kaya allows you to pay by session instead of a complete payment for the whole treatment. You can also opt for financing the treatment through a loan and pay in EMIs, with Kaya’s help.
Kaya Hair Free Gentle Touch uses the ND-Yag laser technology approved for safe use on all skins including darker skin tones. This laser hair technology can remove the coarsest of hairs with the least amount of pain and effort. Kaya also has another laser hair removal treatment, the Painless Laser Hair Reduction that uses an In-Motion diode laser with DualChill technology to keep your skin cool. The doctor at Kaya will advise you on which method will be right for you considering your hair growth, skin tone, skin sensitivity, and other factors.
Get freedom from the pain of frequent waxing sessions. Opt for laser hair removal at Kaya and achieve permanent hair removal after a full course of treatment. You will be in safe hands at Kaya, in a hi-tech clinical setting, with trained expert technicians performing the procedure under the supervision of a dermatologist.

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