Monday 17 July 2017

Hair Removal 101: Everything You Needed To Know

Laser, shave, or wax? That’s a common question that women today face. They’re unable to decide what they should opt for and what’s the best among these three popular methods of removing unwanted body hair.
Laser hair reduction, waxing, and shaving are the best options when it comes to removing body hair. While waxing and shaving have been around for a long time, laser hair reduction is a new entrant. Here, we’ll look at each of them in detail.
In the case of waxing, warm wax is applied on the desired area. A cloth or paper strip is pressed firmly over it and pulled in the direction opposite to hair growth to remove the wax and hair.
One of the best things about waxing is that it doesn’t just remove the hair but also removes dead skin cells. However, waxing is temporary. So, you’ll have to do it every 4-5 weeks. Also, waxing can result in ingrown hair. That’s hard to deal with. It’s also not surprising to hear that waxing can be pretty painful.
Shaving removes hair from the surface of the skin by cutting it with the help of a razor. Shaving is easy, quick, painless, and something you can do yourself. However, regrowths happen in 2-3 days time and the hair can be thicker. It’s also not uncommon to cut yourself using the razor.
Laser hair reduction
This involves using laser light technology to reduce hair growth permanently. Laser lightpenetrates into your skin and targets your hair shafts and reduce the growth from the roots. Results are usually permanent and the procedure is painless, if you do it with qualified staff.
If you’re looking for a permanent and painless solution, then laser hair reduction is what you should opt for. However, make sure to do it from the right place. Kaya SkinClinic is one of the most trusted places in India that offers laser hair reduction. They use advanced laser light technology suitable for Indian skin. They have in-house laser therapists who know the procedure in and out. This ensures safe and accurate results.

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  1. I have lighter skin but then dark underarm hair so even when I shave I can see that underarm part looks very dark. And within a day it's like I haven't even shaved. It's something that I want to fix forever. But I've been scared that I could get burned by the lasers and end up with even worse legs. But after reading your blog I can see a clear comparison between laser hair removal treatment and other hair reduction options, I can understand that laser is worth doing. I hope will soon start with laser hair removal sessions and will definitely share my review on this once I am done with all the sessions.