Tuesday 9 August 2016

Glow like the sun with Kaya Skin Clinic's White Resilience

Come what may, the scorching sun or a gritty haze of dust and smoke, it doesn’t stand a chance against the combination of nourisher, mist, cream, and rinse. Kaya’s White Resilience line presents 4 products; each working as a separate entity, but with the same goal—skin brightening.

Glow like the sun with Kaya Skin Clinic's White Resilience

Maintaining the natural radiance of your skin becomes an uphill battle when you’re regularly exposed to the harsh sun or are stressing out because of work. While battling the elements and troubles of day-to-day life can’t be avoided, the loss of your radiance can.
The four-pronged magic brought to you by Kaya Skin Clinic’s White Resilience line helps you do just that—banish the dull, and awaken the glow. Here’s an in-depth explanation of what these products are all about.
All-day brightening cream
Kaya Skin Clinic's White Resilience

The White Resilience line by Kaya is the product of the harmony between Japanese Cherry and Purple Orchid flowers. The Japanese Cherry is the most cherished flower in Japan and signifies the sanctity and pureness of youth’s exuberant bloom.

Kaya Skin Clinic's White Resilience

Purple Orchid, on the other hand, signifies the pinnacle of beauty.

The all-day brightening cream combines both these flowers, which are known to be rich in bio-flavonoids, or Vitamin P. They help your skin recover from damage and also protect it from further degradation.
Refining mist
Both flower extracts are also present in this Kaya product. The resulting concoction is highly effective and antioxidant-rich, preserving your skin’s natural tone and elevating its radiance. It’s also an alcohol-free toner that stabilizes the pH of your skin.
Creamy exfoliating rinse
The goodness of orchid and cherry flowers exists in this extract as well. Additional derma-beads are also included in this rinse so that the final mix rubs away built-up dead skin cells, leaving you with fair-toned skin that is smooth and soft.
Overnight brightening nourisher
An ingredient called ‘Imperata Cylindrica’ is included in this nourisher. It works in tandem with the flower extracts to drastically improve skin health. It hydrates your skin in order to improve elasticity and slow down collagen breakdown, completing the last of the 4 steps and giving your skin a new lease on life.

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