Monday 6 June 2016

Pure Pore Clear Skin: The Facial You've been Waiting For

Have you had enough of anti-acne products that eat up your income but don’t deliver results? Maybe it’s time you try out a facial. Not just any facial at a salon, but Kaya Skin Clinic’s Pure Pore anti-acne facial. It’s designed by expert dermatologists at Kaya to care for your skin and target acne.
Acne is a result of unhealthy eating habits, hormonal fluctuations, and stress. Your skin secretes an oily discharge called sebum. Its job is to protect your skin from bacteria that causes pimples and infections. It also maintains the pH balance of your skin, and without this, your skin invites bacteria that give rise to zits.
An excess secretion of sebum, however, spells disaster for your skin. It fills up skin pores, collecting impurities over time. The resulting grime provides the ideal conditions for bacteria to thrive, which gives rise to acne.

Ridding skin pores of the dirt and bacteria is a crucial step in acne prevention. This is where Kaya Skin Clinic’s Purepore facial comes in and detoxifies skin, while also intensively hydrating it.

      Intense Cleansing
The cleansing gel, besides giving your skin a thorough cleaning also contains tea extracts as an active ingredient. They have the sole function of reducing inflammation.
      Prep Serum For Extraction
Once your skin is cleansed, a special serum is applied to prepare it for the first mask.
      Desincrustation Mask
A desincrustation mask is the third stage before the extraction process. It cleanses the skin, and softens the epidermal layer.
      Tea And Salicylic Acid
Impurities and oil within your pores are washed away by the salicylic acid. Antioxidants from the tea extract start acting immediately to soothe the skin.
      Sea Mud Mask
Sea mud, rich in minerals, scoops out the oil and dirt from the pores. And together with ichthammol, it mops up oil without drying the skin.
      Calming Mask
A blend of tea and buttermilk work together to, as the name suggests, relax the skin.
The final stage of the facial is conditioning, which is accomplished with a mattifying moisturizer. Microalgae (Porphyridium Complex) in the moisturizer controls oiliness without risking dryness, whereas zinc oxide shields the skin against acne, and mattes it without causing any rashes.

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