Friday 6 May 2016

CC Cream 101: The What, Why, And How

An even skin tone affects your confidence and a flawless skin is the key to making the first and best impression. However, exposure to the sun and prolonged cosmetic usage can lead to pigmentation or discoloration of your skin resulting in an uneven skin tone. The best solution on hand is a CC cream.

Color Correcting creams or CC creams are the latest to hit the beauty rack. Apart from correcting skin color, they also prime your skin, protect it against sun damage, and also even out your skin tone. If your face reflects varying skin tones, then the CC cream is your best beauty companion.

What Is A CC Cream?
A CC cream is a single product with multiple uses. It contains light diffusing particles to correct your skin color, combat redness, discoloration, sallowness, and patchiness. Plus they also contain nutrients that keep your skin youthful and supple.

Why Is CC Cream A Makeup Essential?
Do you want to cover the problem areas of your skin without caking up your face with foundation? CC cream is your answer. It’s an alternative to full-cover foundation and is best suited if your skin has a bit of redness or dullness. A fantastic hybrid that blends skincare with makeup, the CC cream is your best tool to combat any skincare issues. Apply it every morning after you wash and tone your face.
How Does CC Cream Work Magic On Your Skin?

A number of CC creams have hit the market and one among them is Kaya Complexion Perfector Cream. It’s formulated specifically to suit Indian skin tones and offers instant coverage. Suitable for all skin types, it blurs imperfections, reduces fine lines, and bestows a smooth finish. It contains SPF 25 and a potent whitening active agent that evens out your skin tone with regular use. It’s a water-based cream, which is easily absorbed and also has the propensity to conceal minor eruptions on your face.

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