Monday 4 April 2016

A Mumbaikars Take On Kaya Skin Clinic And Their Services

I heard a lot about Kaya Skin Clinic’s state-of-the-art skin and hair treatments, and so I decided to give it a shot. I went to Kaya Skin Clinic Mumbai, Juhu branch for a laser hair removal treatment and I have a bunch of good things to say.

For years, I’ve come across dozens of positive Kaya Skin Clinic Reviews. But, when my friend got an amazing laser hair removal treatment done at Kaya, I was convinced to go for the same. And, I’m so glad I did, because now I can go sleeveless every day!

Here’s my complete review on how the experts used laser technology to help me get rid of underarm hair, painlessly and efficiently.
The Welcome
Kaya Skin Clinic welcomed me with a delicious apple and cinnamon-flavored drink. Next, I was requested to fill up a form that asked for my contact details and medical history.
The Consultation
I was taken in for consultation with a doctor who analyzed the growth of my hair. She told me the plan of action and said that I would require five sessions in total.
She also told me that there are two kinds of laser technologies available. The Nd: Yag and the Pain-free, and I chose the latter. Both the procedures are US FDA approved and are safe for Indian skin.
Time To Get Ready
After the consultation, I changed into a gown and put my clothes into a locker. A Kaya professional then shaved my underarm area and applied a cooling gel. I was also given a pair of tinted glasses to wear, in order to protect my eyes from laser beams.
The Procedure Begins
The expert then ran a laser probe for 3-4 minutes over the target area. Once the laser was activated, I felt a tingling sensation in my armpit. The Kaya expert was extremely professional and explained each and every step in detail. She told me how the laser beams were killing the roots of the hair follicles, thereby stopping hair growth.
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The procedure took about 20 minutes, after which the expert wiped the area. She then applied ice, followed by a post-laser cream to soothe my skin. And, we were done!
I gave full marks to this clinic in my Kaya Skin Clinic review and have recommended it to my friends. If you too are tired of waxing and shaving every few days, then I would say a laser hair removal treatment at Kaya is the best way to get flawlessly clear skin.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your review. Even i have used Kaya products and also heard many positive reviews on the same, but not tried their laser hair and Q switch laser treatment. I hope even i will get a chance to do laser hair removal treatment so that i can stop worrying about my unwanted hair growth.