Monday 25 January 2016

How Soon Will You See Results of Laser Hair Removal?

Do you wonder how long laser hair removal treatment might take to yield complete results? It is said that the time differs for different candidates because each person has a different condition. So what are the conditions that your hair might pose to the treatment, and how long will it take you to lose hair?

Laser hair removal is sure to yield results at the end of the very first session, but you will still see hair growth on the treated area after a period. At such an event, the treatment must be repeated every 4-6 weeks until you achieve permanent hair loss. The laser is targeted at the root of your follicles, destroying their ability to regrow hair. This must be repeated at different stages of hair growth to have completely effective results.

The number of sessions you will require will depend on several factors like the amount of hair, the area on your body, the texture and color of your hair, your age, and your skin type. The effectiveness of the treatment can also depend on other unseen factors like the state of your hormones. 

Average Number Of Sessions Required

For most candidates of laser hair removal treatment, it usually takes about six sessions to remove most of the hair in the desired area. The location of the hair is a great determining factor on how long the course will take. For example, ingrown hair is the fastest to remove. This treatment can eliminate most of your ingrown hair right after your very first session. Facial hair, however, will fall off ten days after your first sitting. You will then begin to notice a regrowing tuft in about six to eight weeks. The regrown hair will have a fine texture and will be barely noticeable. Have another appointment scheduled at this point and repeat your sessions until you achieve complete hair loss.

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